The Best 5 SARMS Money Can Buy

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So You Want To be Enhanced

So Bro, You clearly have done the research and you have determined that you do not want to do steroids.

Your reasoning is more than likely the Legal aspect.


You are concerned about health issues because many notable bodybuilders have died.

Rich Piana Died from probably steroid use.
Rich Piana

If you are not aware, this is Rich Piana, an amazing bodybuilder that died presumably because of drug use.

Many Individuals avoid steroids or other Illegal compounds due to the possibility you could get sick or die.

SARMS The Legal Loophole

SARMS are 100% Legal. Kind of…

They are not illegal to buy or sell but they are “not for human consumption” so anyone who uses sarms bends the law a bit.

Here We GO!

Alright Bros I got you my SOLID List of top 5 SARMS




MK-677 is by far the Best overall sarm(not technically a sarm)

Mk-677 is great for muscle building. It is at least as stronger as Ostarine if not stronger.

It is superior in the sense that you can take it Longer than any true sarm.

Mk-677 does not affect your testosterone levels so the normal 4-8 weeks rule does not apply.

Many users take mk677 up to 12 months with little to no issues.



Ostarine is The Best Sarm for cutting/dieting.

Most users have no side effects or minimal side effects.

I personally have only experienced acne as a side effect while taking Ostarine.

I personally have Lost MANY Pounds while taking ostarine in a stack with cardarine. It is my favorite sarms cycle to do as it produces the best results with no side effects.

Even in 1000+ calories deficits I have lost weight while gaining strength in the gym. This is one powerhouse of a sarm.



Ligandrol aka LGD-4033 is one of the BEST things a person can take for strength.

I always have HUGE strength gains while taking it.

However, due to some legal issues many company’s do not carry it any longer. So trying to get real ligandrol is almost impossible.



YK-11 is considered the strongest Sarm on the Market.

Many users report extreme strength and size gains while taking this compound.

I personally have gained 10+ pounds in the first 2 weeks of using this product.

I have limited experience with this product, however I have seen little to no side effects when taking it.

My limited experience is the only reason why it does not rank higher as I have not tried it enough to say if it is worthy of a higher ranking.



Out of all the sarms on this list I have received THE BEST RESULTS from S4.


I have also received the most side effects…

With ZERO cardio I lost significantly more weight and got significantly stronger with S4 than I have with Ostarine.

The catch is the crazy side effects.

This compound totally crashed my testosterone. It effected my mood and made me very sluggish. So sluggish it even impeded my workouts some days.

The other main side effect was Vision issues.

Most people talk about the “yellow vision” as everything gets a yellow tint. This was no big deal. The issue was when It affected my vision so badly i could not focus my eyes on anything. I couldn’t watch TV or even look at my phone or computer without difficulty.

The side effects were so severe that I may never try S4 again.

It is literally like doing a deal with the devil for some weight loss.

In the future I may possibly try it again, butttt I’d rather just work a little bit harder and just take ostarine instead.

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