What is a Realistic Ostarine Transformation?

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What is a Realistic Ostarine Transformation?

You may have heard of a neat little “supplement” called Ostarine. Clearly if you are here you are aware that Ostarine is a SARM not a supplement. A quick summary, SARMS = Drugs. I have personally tried multiple types of performance enhancing drugs as well as multiple different kinda of sarms. Generally speaking a good daily dosage for Ostarine is about 25mg. The minimum dosage you would want to take is 10mg a day. The average cycle length is anywhere between 30-60 days, or 4-8 weeks.

You may think being your first time trying sarms that you will get shredded and gain 10-20 pounds of muscle. I am here to tell you that you will NOT!!

Do not be too discouraged though, with a good diet and workout plan you will get a noticeable amount of gains. First you need to decide if you are trying to lose weight or gain muscle then plan your diet and exercise accordingly.

Assuming your diet and exercise routine is good now you can move on to expected gains and the Pros vs Cons of using ostarine. A handful of Cons include : Lowered Testosterone levels(temporary), possible cardiovascular health issues, and possible liver toxicity or Liver Damage. The Pros are more simple, there really is only one reason to take Ostarine.

1. Gain Muscle Faster.

Go Get Those Ostarine Results!

Before Ostarine

This is what he looked like before…

Clearly this guy doesn’t exercise at all…..

Well he got into exercising and lifting weights. He decided he did NOT want to wait for newbie gains and immediately jumped on a cycle. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA FYI.

BUT he just wanted some fast gains…

After Ostarine

Woah! Look at that!!!

We have some significant muscle mass added and a bit of fat loss!!

This isn’t even the Best part. The Best part is he DID NOT diet or purposefully eat more protein. All he did was eat maintenance calories and “eat healthy”.

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